Misogyny in the WordPress community. Sad Duh.

A PostStatus blog post calling out misogyny in the WordPress community has, as the PostStatus newsletter called it, ‚ruffled some feathers‘. Which is what women and everyone who talks about things that could be construed as Feminism sadly have gotten to kind of expect these days. The weak, often hotheaded, more or less openly sexist, and at times straight-up unhinged responses to posts of that type prove time and time again that the feathers are indeed in need of ruffling.

I love the WordPress community, but a few of you are assholes.

Which is just factually correct. Misogyny and sexism in the WordPress community: They exist. I don’t even know how one would go about explaining that away. Do you really need us to go ‚We live in a society‘ again?

Here’s the obligatory Not-All-WordPressers Michelle sent over the newsletter after the initial discussions within the PostStatus community, laser targeted at the kind of guy that doesn’t understand the difference between ‚Some of you‘ and ‚All of you‘:

99% or more of you are A+, top-notch, amazing humans. The overwhelming response to my post on misogyny was supportive, positive, and, yes, even heartwarming. (I really do love this community.)

But all this hedging just distracts from the fact that Michelle has some gnarly examples of bad behavior from the WordPress community. We need to keep calling that shit out whenever we see it and should never resort to thinking that the 99% percent are somehow better served by ignoring the 1%. Behavior like this only gets worse if you let it happen.

I’ll leave it at that. Just read the post. But one last word to anyone who might have stumbled onto this blog post and who now finds themselves thinking that I’m some kind of blUePiLlEd CucK or that I’m virtue signaling or something: I implore you to take a deep look at yourself, your media diet and the way you’ve built your idea of the world. Growth is hard, Analyzing yourself and your impulses is hard, Getting the right image of the world outside of your immediate sorroundings is hard. The way you have been brought up is imperfect. You can acknowledge that and keep learning, becoming a more free, enlightened person in the process. Or you can succumb to your socialization and the barrage of ragebait on the internet and in shitty media and end up living a life inhibited by you mistaking your knee-jerk impulses for common sense and tradition for human nature.

Thanks Michelle. Follow her on Twitter: @michelleames

PostStatus.com | Misogyny in WordPress is Real.