Within economics, this transition to direct selling — of cutting out sales reps like Joyce in lieu of websites like DHgate.com — is known as disintermediation, and it’s one of the defining characteristics of the internet age. Companies like Uber, Amazon and Priceline have succeeded by disintermediating enormous industries (taxi dispatchers, brick-and-mortar retailers, travel agents). The logic of disintermediation seems self-evident: By putting factories directly in contact with stores, by helping customers order directly from manufacturers, by letting riders coordinate with drivers, you cut out a needless source of waste and inefficiency. Middlemen (and middlewomen), so this theory goes, have simply been gobbling a slice of the pie they never really deserved.“ [1]

Was für ein unfassbar praktisches Wort, dieses „Disintermediation“. Scheiße, ist das praktisch.

Ach, Quelle dieses Zitats ist übrigens ein Artikel über Fidget Spin… NEIN Bitte gebt ihm die Chance, wenn ihr gerade 1529 Wörter Zeit habt:

The Rise of the Fidget Spinner and the Fall of the Well-Managed Fad
(NY Times 20.08.2017)